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Al Angham

Royal Opera House, Shati Al Qurum, Shati Al Qurum

Middle Eastern Fine Dining $$


Al Angham restaurant is the first of its kind in Oman in terms of the designs taken from the Omani architecture that appear clear in the various halls and venues of the restaurant. The unique Omani patterns, designs and silverware scatter in the different corners of the restaurant and the tables are covered with magnificent motifs taken from authentic Omani heritage. The restaurant serves the most delicious Omani traditional dishes like Shiwa, Harees, Jareesh, O’rsyia and many others. The visitor experiences the Omani hospitality once interring the restaurant which starts by the warm reception of the Omani staff and superior services to make him lives finest moments in an atmosphere of harmony between the splendor of the present and the authenticity of the ancient past.


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Al Angham