Block 338, Adliya, Bahrain

Restaurant Terms & Conditions

•Maximum seating capacity is limited to 6 guests per table at any given time, while adhering to safe social distancing when seated
•Guests are prohibited from socialising with others outside their dining table
•Guests must remain seated. Individuals or groups are not permitted to stand, gather or dance anywhere at the restaurant, by their tables or the bar
•Social distancing of 2 meters must be adhered to at all times
•No bar service. All beverage order will be served at your table. Food and beverage orders are limited to tables service only
•Face masks must be worn if not seated. Guests must adhere to wearing face masks when entering and exiting the restaurant at all times
•The maximum indoor dining occupancy is limited to 30 guests.No guests entry for indoor dining will be allowed, if the 30 gap is reached
•No waiting area is available. Guests are encouraged to make bookings in advance, walk-in guests will need to wait outside the restaurant premises until tables open up and sanitised