Feather and Flour

927 South Cobb Street, Palmer

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Restaurant Terms & Conditions

— Dinner reservations are a maximum 2 hours with 5:00, 7:00, and 9:00 seatings.
— Seats start at $60pp and include 3 courses. (No charge required to make a reservation)
— Courses include an appetizer, a soup or salad, and an entree.
— Families are welcome & we have alternative kid options available.
— We cannot guarantee prompt seating if you arrive early. Reservations that are 15-minutes late will be contacted & then marked no-show.
— Dietary restrictions can be accommodated, but we are not a gluten-free/nut-free kitchen.
If you have to cancel, please do so via the confirmation email or by texting 907-982-9911.