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Restaurant Terms & Conditions

Please read before you make a booking request :)

Thank you for choosing LichtHaus!

All reservations require a nonrefundable but fully redeemable food & beverage deposit due within 24hrs of booking, unpaid reservations will be cancelled.
Deposit Amounts:
- Shared and Mangrove tables: Ksh 1000 per guest
- Private Tables: Ksh 6000 (covers up to 6 people, Ksh 1,000 per additional person)
- Nets: Ksh 15000 (covers up to 6 people, Ksh 1000 per additional person)

Once you request your reservation you will receive an email from us with mpesa details or the option to pay with a payment link.

Swimming in the Mida Creek is done at your risk. By booking this reservation you acknowledge and agree that LichtHaus assumes no liability. The current is very strong, it is especially strong during new and full moons. We are not Baywatch, we cannot save you ;) We’ll see you soon you sexy beast!