Ukiyo By Zn - Atelier La Vie Branch

Atelieh La Vie, King Abdulaziz Road, Jeddah, Ash Shati

Restaurant Terms & Conditions

Eid Al Fitr (21-29 April) Past 7:30 pm Reservation Terms & Conditions:

When you confirm your reservation and you agree to the terms & conditions, you cannot cancel or modify the reservation, or refund the paid amount.

The paid amount per person is the minimum charge per person, the final amount can be increased based on your orders.

Reservation Period: 1 hour and 45 minutes starting your reservation time.
The reservation will be cancelled after 20 minutes starting your reservation time in the case of no-show, and the reservation cannot be rescheduled and the paid amount will not be refunded.

Table allocation is made randomly according to the availability, you cannot choose the place of your table, and in the case the place of your table was not suitable for you, you cannot cancel or reschedule your reservation and the paid amount will not be refunded.

For reservations more than 25 guests kindly contact us, you may also contact us if there is no online reservations availability.