Khao Soi By Chariya

Cross & Pillory House Cross and Pillory Lane, Alton

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Restaurant Terms & Conditions

PLEASE READ AND AGREE BEFORE YOU BOOK 1) Not every chef in here is a MasterChef winner so don't expect much. We are a casual eatery place, not a fine dinning! 2) You will have 2 HOURS slot, if you are not happy then stop there and DO NOT BOOK! 3) The restaurant is small and loud so please expect that, there is no quiet corner I am afraid. Because it is small so no space for pram or suitable for a small children. (They don't like spicy food anyway...) 4) Our menu, prepared 4-5 hours in advance due to intricate recipes, please check the menu before booking. Thank you! 5) £10 deposit a person to reduce no show! You understand how it is! This will be deducted on your bill. 24 hours cancellation policy, just contact us if you wish to cancel. ********* Thanks for reading this! If you are happy of those 5 important terms then you can go ahead and book! If not, then PLEASE DO NOT BOOK so you don't get disappointed! Thank you :-D *********