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Restaurant Terms & Conditions

Weekday Pricing (Monday–Friday):
Day Bed - AED450, fully redeemable on food and beverage.
Cabana - AED700, fully redeemable on food and beverage

Weekend Pricing (Saturday–Sunday):
Day Bed - AED600, fully redeemable on food and beverage.
Cabana - AED900, fully redeemable on food and beverage.

Running late? We’ll hold your reservation for 20 minutes, so if you can give us a call and let us know you’re a little behind, we’d love to help as best we can.

Age Policy
The pool and it’s surrounds is for big kids over 18 years only, but the rest of the family is more than welcome to kick back on the beach and in the restaurant

Kitchen service:
Breakfast from 9am-12noon
Lunch from 12pm onward

Bar service from 9am
Please note that outside food and beverage are not permitted.

Any particular request are duly noted. Request are arranged on arrival at the venue according to the availability.