Bonita Inn, Restaurant & Tapas Bar image

Bonita Inn, Restaurant & Tapas Bar

Bonita Hotel, Al Radwan, Al Radwan

Mediterranean Casual Dining $$


Step into Bonita’s restaurant, and enter the family dining room of a warm and comfortable Spanish casa. Cozy and intimate, with a homey fireplace and charming wait staff. The quality of the food quickly snaps you back to reality, however – this is no humble campesino’s kitchen! Bonita’s top-notch Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine would be at home in the most posh restaurant, and is all the more striking set within Bonita’s casual, friendly and charming atmosphere. The elegant décor also encloses a fundamental, yet fitting, contrast. Arrayed above the charming decorative flatware and Spanish designs are rich dark ceiling beams made of wood taken from the Ottoman Hejaz Railway. Spanning Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia in the early 1900s, the historic beams literally frame Bonita in Jordan’s past. Spanish ‘body’ with Jordanian ‘bones’; fine dining with personable casualness.


Bonita Inn, Restaurant & Tapas Bar