About us
Solving a problem

Early in 2013, I tried to make a reservation at a restaurant in Bahrain. I searched the Internet for the restaurant's phone number, but when I called, no one answered the phone. It was early morning, so they must have been closed. I called again at 7pm and a hostess answered and said: "Can you please stay on hold". So I waited, and about 2 minutes later, she finally started taking down my details. As I was repeating my number, the line cut! I called again, and finally the reservation was made. I thought to myself, there must be a better way. Reservations over the phone are time consuming and frustrating. If I can reserve a hotel room online, why can't I do the same for restaurants?

The start

We started eat shortly after to allow users to make restaurant reservations online. We've come a long way since then, and have acquired most of the restaurants in Bahrain, including Mirai, Block 338, Monsoon, and Lanterns, to name a few. We've also just seated our 200,000th diner! The team is really happy with the momentum, and we can't wait to serve more diners around the GCC.

Technical info

Eat has two products, one for restaurants, and another for consumers. The consumer app is simple. It allows you to find restaurants around you and confirm your reservation in less than three clicks. No need to call! The restaurants have an iPad installed at the front desk. This app allows restaurants to internally manage reservations and tables, and to notify the consumer app about availabilities.

We are currently hiring in Bahrain and Dubai, so if you are interested in joining eat, please check out our jobs portal. For press and inquiries, please email us direct at nezar@eatapp.co