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The Crossing

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Indian Fine Dining $$$


The Crossing is a celebration of the Indian subcontinent’s diversity right here in Dubai. Flavors, influences, and recipes from across India find their way to our menu, where you find hints of nostalgia and of closely-guarded Indian family recipes. Our menu at The Crossing is a celebration of lost cuisines and ingredients to create a new narrative where traditional classics stand side by side with forgotten recipes. We uphold mainstream Indian cuisine but continue to showcase a more offbeat side with food from the Rajput kitchens, hidden gems from North East India, and simple yet robust recipes from India’s massive coastline.

In addition to traditional fare, we shine a spotlight on the foreign influences that have historically found their way into Indian cuisine from places as far as the Caribbean, Portugal, France, and Great Britain. Enjoying a meal at The Crossing is to take a nostalgic journey across India, crossing borders, while blurring the lines of culinary practices and influences.

Come see what elevated Indian food is all about here at The Crossing.

The Crossing